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Munch X BankEth

BankEth is proud to announce that we are the first partner to join the Charity Circle initiative launched by the MUNCH Project.

To kick off the program, a $10k USD donation was made that goes to Charity: water, a nonprofit organization where MUNCH is listed, right alongside other major brand partners such as Google, Amazon, KEURIG, and many more. Our donation will add 1 to the already 14 fully funded water projects made by MUNCH. BankEth is bringing water to communities!

Not only does MUNCH aim to be the go-to charity option in crypto, but they have also created a widget alongside our widgets so we can experiment with a Fiat to Crypto service that has a lot of potentials and are still working on the finer details on the breadth with respect to a partnership for that.

Introducing BankSwap

Full BankSwap Guide:

For a limited time, a selected range of ERC-20 tokens will be eligible to be recycled in exchange for Banketh — without paying the usual reflection contribution of 11% if swapped on our new BankSwap Platform, giving the clear advantage over using UNISWAP of more BankEth per swap.

We want everyone in our community to be rewarded for supporting BankEth & we want you to be the first in line to take advantage of the advancements of the BankEth Protocol. There has been plenty of discussion about BankSwap, it is ready & it will be launched…

Banketh is a community inspired, DeFi social experiment where holders of the $Banketh token are rewarded with Ethereum.

Hold Banketh, Earn Eth @ Banketh.Finance

The Ethereum network already facilitates countless projects with real world applications, further fostering innovation and adoption. Ethereum is undergoing a few significant network upgrades that aim to solve scalability issues. Because of this, we believe that Ether is significantly undervalued, so it made sense to us for Banketh holders to be rewarded with Ether reflections.

We have an ambitious yet realistic technological roadmap for our project. Some of our core features are already complete and fully functional. Users will be able…


Hold Banketh, Earn Eth

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